MT MARTHA Lions Club

District 201V3, Victoria, Australia

About Us

Our club was chartered in 1986 and has 16 members, including two affiliate members. We are a very active club, but also a friendly club, with many social events during the year. About two thirds of our members are retired. Mt. Martha is a great place to retire - why don't you join us?

To learn more about the the Lions Club of Mt Martha and what the Members are doing at the present time why not visit our FaceBook Page at

For those who like fishing, there are excellent spots all down the coast. Mornington Pier (about 6km north) is a favorite spot for those who don't have boats.

There is also a thriving yacht club and there are many excellent golf courses on the Peninsula - including a public course at Mt. Martha.

The general perception of Mt. Martha is that it is a carefree, town by the beach. While Mt. Martha has its share of sun, sand, and blue sea, it has much else to offer - scenic views, slices of history, and opportunities to experience the Peninsula's rich natural heritage. The Mt. Martha House (our meeting place) began life as the Mount Martha Hotel. Constructed in 1889, it served as a guest house, as well as a coffee palace.

In  the mid 1900's Mt. Martha played an important role in hosting the United States Marine 1st Division. During that time certain areas were restricted meaning that even locals required permission to pass through checkpoints.

Today, the Mt. Martha House is a heritage building, providing the community with facilities for various functions.

Lions Clubs are part of community life, in the cities and in the country. Clubs are easily identified by their distinctive Logo, the trademark of our International Association, and the 'We Serve' motto.

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